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Do Pakistanis Cricketers Eat 8 Kg Muttons Everyday?



Do Pakistanis Cricketers Eat 8 Kg Muttons Everyday?

Are you interested in PCB’s leadership criticism and Pakistani cricketers’ appalling fitness neglect? Look no further!

Cricket veteran Wasim Akram has questioned PCB governance and highlighted the team’s fitness difficulties. In a recent Pavilion appearance, Akram criticised the PCB’s decisions and stressed stability and vision.

Pakistan’s loss against Afghanistan, when he criticised fielding and fitness, heightens his fears. Time for the PCB to fix these concerns quickly.

Important Takeaways

Wasim Akram criticises the PCB’s cricket governance. Akram emphasises Pakistani cricketers’ physical issues and calls for fitness tests and standards. Akram blames poor fielding and fitness for Pakistan’s loss to Afghanistan. Akram explains PCB leadership inconsistencies and how it hurts team performance.

PCB Management and Decisions

Pakistan’s cricket governance under the PCB should be questioned.

PCB leadership and decision-making are questioned. The PCB’s impulsive decisions have been criticised, especially given the team’s consistency and vision that got them to the T20 World Cup 2022 final. This questions the leadership’s ability to make smart, well-informed decisions for Pakistan cricket.

Numerous PCB chairmen and coaching staff changes have occurred. Inconsistency can hurt the team’s performance and advancement.

To ensure Pakistan cricket’s future prosperity, PCB leadership and decision-making must be evaluated.

Cricketers’ Alarming Fitness Neglect

Wasim Akram highlighted Pakistani cricketers’ terrible fitness disregard, raising serious concerns. To maintain players’ fitness, Akram stresses the importance of continuous fitness and performance standards. The table below shows how ignoring fitness and performance requirements affects players and the team:

The Effects of Fitness Neglect

1. Reduced stamina and endurance

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2. Increased injury risk

3. Poor agility and fielding

4. Lower performance levels

5. Negative team dynamics

These effects hurt players and the team. Not meeting fitness and performance standards degrades physical abilities, resulting in poor field performance. Pakistani cricketers must stay fit to compete and represent their country at the greatest level. The PCB must conduct frequent fitness testing and impose tight standards to ensure players are physically fit for international cricket.

Worries About Pakistan’s Performance Against Afghanistan

Pakistan’s recent cricket match versus Afghanistan sparked questions about their fitness and talents. The team had inconsistent fitness and mediocre fielding skills.

Pakistani cricket legend Wasim Akram lamented Pakistan’s loss against Afghanistan. The fact that Pakistan lost with two wickets after scoring 280 was terrible. Akram stressed the necessity of constant fitness and performance standards, which the squad lacks.

He said Pakistan needs to enhance its fitness and fielding. The team must prioritise fitness and fielding skills to improve results in future contests.

Inconsistent PCB Leadership and Its Effect

Wasim Akram worries about PCB leadership inconsistency and team performance. Akram notes the PCB’s frequent chairmen and coaching staff changes. Frequent changes hurt the team’s performance, he says.

Coach Misbah ul Haq’s fitness criteria are successful, Akram says. Despite player disapproval, these criteria work. Akram stresses the need of continuous fitness and performance standards for team success.

With strong leadership, the team may perform well and enhance their fitness and fielding, which are vital to the game.


In conclusion, Wasim Akram’s recent criticism of PCB leadership emphasises the need for change. Akram has exposed the PCB’s instability and lack of vision by highlighting these issues. The PCB must address these issues quickly to improve team performance and reclaim its competitive edge.

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Akram also stresses the significance of fitness for on-field performance by criticising Pakistani cricketers‘ terrible fitness disregard. Team preparation and training must include this. Players risk their performance and the team’s success by ignoring fitness.

Thus, the PCB must address these issues immediately. They can boost the team’s performance and regain fans’ trust by doing so. The PCB’s ability to make reforms and prioritise player development will determine Pakistani cricket’s future.

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Indian Cricketer Mukesh Kumar’s Hilarious Post-Wedding Comment Goes Viral



Indian Cricketer Mukesh Kumar's Hilarious Post-Wedding Comment Goes Viral

New Delhi, Dec 9 (IANS) Indian fast bowler Mukesh Kumar, known for his performances in the recent home T20I series against Australia, made a hilarious comment about his dedication to cricket following his recent wedding.

I am feeling good. Jinke saath starting se raha hai, unke saath doosri paadi start kia hu. Aur match bhi agey accha khelunga main inke saath(I have started my second innings with the person I was with from the start. In the future too I will be playing my match well with her),” Mukesh Kumar cane be heard as telling the reporters who were present.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, Kumar joked that he will continue to excel at cricket with his wife’s support by his side. His lighthearted remarks come just after missing the 3rd T20I against Australia due to his wedding.

Kumar has established himself as a key player on the Indian cricket team, especially in the T20I and ODI formats. Fans and media alike have been entertained by his latest comments showcasing his positive mindset amidst India’s upcoming tour of South Africa.

The Indian team has historically struggled while touring South Africa, particularly in Test cricket, only winning 4 matches across three decades. Under the leadership of three different captains for each format, India will be tested on this tour as they hope to overcome previous shortcomings.

The first T20I will set the tone as India aims to conquer their past challenges. With a refreshed and determined spirit like Kumar’s, the team stands a chance to rewrite history on South African soil.

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Harbhajan Singh Reacts to Sreesanth-Gambhir LLC controversy in Shah Rukh Khan style



Harbhajan Singh reacts to Sreesanth-Gambhir LLC controversy in Shah Rukh Khan style

The Legends League Cricket (LLC) was shaken by a fight between Sreesanth and Gambhir. In a crucial match between the India Capitals and Gujarat Giants, the fight was heated. Gambhir was accused of using insulting language and being a fixer by Sreesanth on Instagram. The fight escalated, forcing officials to separate the players.

The media and public have focused on this rhetorical fight, with social media sites spreading varied ideas. Harbhajan Singh, no stranger to Sreesanth controversy, stressed the importance of focusing on cricket and forgetting the past. LLC began an investigation, emphasising the importance of Code of Conduct compliance.

After returning from a ban for the IPL spot-fixing scam, Sreesanth’s turbulent cricketing career continues. Fans and cricket fans are divided regarding sportsmanship and off-field behaviour after the controversy.

The Allegations and Clash on the Field

Sreesanth and Gambhir fought on the pitch during the eliminator match between the India Capitals and Gujarat Giants, sparking serious allegations and a Legends League Cricket dispute.

Sreesanth claimed Gambhir called him a fixer, sparking a fight. To deescalate the incident, the umpires separated the two players.

Sreesanth accused Gambhir of abusive language on Instagram. Social media was buzzing about the clash, with fans and the public divided.

This incident emphasises sportsmanship on and off the field and raises questions about game integrity. The Legends League Cricket investigated the spat to safeguard league integrity.

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Harbhajan Singh’s Response and Past Controversy

Harbhajan Singh, who had a controversial IPL incident with Sreesanth, remarked. He used a Shah Rukh Khan dialogue to answer a question regarding the topic. Harbhajan said his IPL incident with Sreesanth was history and should not be discussed. He apologised for the earlier incident and stressed the importance of Legends League Cricket’s good cricket.

Harbhajan expressed his lack of knowledge about the current situation between Sreesanth and Gambhir.

  • Harbhajan used a famous Bollywood dialogue to respond to the controversy.
  • He acknowledged his past fault and emphasized moving on.
  • Harbhajan expressed his lack of knowledge about the current situation.

LLC has launched an investigation and issued a legal notice following Sreesanth and Gambhir’s heated Legends League Cricket match spat. LLC co-owner and CEO Raman Raheja said they’re obeying the league’s Code of Conduct and contractual duties.

The LLC commissioner wants Gambhir-targeted videos removed before discussing a solution. LLC’s official statement stresses league integrity.

The investigation seeks all necessary information and testimony to determine the incident’s facts. The legal notice addresses Sreesanth’s contractual infraction.

LLC is committed to fair play and sportsmanship in Legends League Cricket and will act on the investigation’s results.

Sreesanth’s Ban, Comeback, and Public Reaction

Sreesanth’s ban, comeback, and public reaction have shaped his cricket career.

After being banned for life in the 2013 IPL spot-fixing scam, Sreesanth was reduced to seven years in 2019. In 2020, he returned to domestic cricket for Kerala, his home state.

Sreesanth’s ban underlines his controversial past and his struggles returning to the game. His domestic cricket return shows his resilience to overcome adversities.

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The public has conflicting feelings about Sreesanth’s ban and reappearance. Some applaud his comeback, but others criticise his prior behaviour.


In conclusion, the Legends League Cricket spat between Sreesanth and Gambhir sparked a heated debate on sportsmanship and behaviour. The media and public have focused on the Code of Conduct after the allegations and pitch clash.

Players must focus on the game and ignore past controversies as the LLC investigates and files a legal notice. This incident highlights the value of sports professionalism.

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Hamza Saleem Dar Sets New T10 Record with Astounding 193 Runs



Hamza Saleem Dar Sets New T10 Record with Astounding 193 Runs

Barcelona – Cricket fans witnessed an extraordinary batting performance by Hamza Saleem Dar yesterday during a T10 match in the European Cricket Series in Barcelona. Representing Catalunya Jaguar, Dar set a new T10 record by scoring a mammoth 193 runs off just 43 balls, including 22 towering sixes and 14 boundaries.

His sensational knock propelled Jaguar to post a daunting 257/0 in their 10 overs against Sohal Hospitaltet. In response, Hospitaltet could only manage 104/8 as Jaguar’s bowlers never allowed them to get going. Dar contributed with the ball as well, chipping in with 3 vital wickets. Jaguar cruised to a crushing 153-run victory.

The earlier T10 batting record belonged to Mohammad Nabi, who had hammered an unbeaten 84 off 32 balls playing for Northern Warriors in the 2018 T10 League final in the UAE. At age 25, Dar has shattered that record with an unbelievable strike rate of 448.83 during his 43-ball stay at the crease.

Cricket pundits are hailing Dar’s knock as one of the greatest T10 innings of all time. His assault on the Sohal Hospitaltet bowlers included hitting 5 sixes off the first 5 balls of the 5th over. Dar remains not out to anchor Jaguar’s massive total of 257. Along with Yasir Ali’s fiery 58 off 19 balls, the pair powered Catalunya Jaguar to a crushing win that will long live in T10 folklore.

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