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Fastest Hundred(100) In ODI Cricket World Cup History Till 2023



Do you want to know who holds the record for the fastest hundred in World Cup history? Well, look no further!

This article will provide you with all the thrilling details about the top 10 fastest hundreds in World Cup history. From Glenn Maxwell’s explosive innings to Aiden Markram’s impressive performance, we will delve into the statistics and analyze the impact of these fast centuries.

Get ready to be amazed and gain mastery over the world of fast hundreds in World Cup cricket.

Rank Player Total Runs Opposition Balls Face 100 Date
1 Glenn Maxwell (AUS) 106 Netherlands 40 25 October 2023
2 Aiden Markram (SA) 106 Sri Lanka 49 7 October 2023
3 Kevin O’Brien (IRE) 113 England 50 02 Mar 2011
4 Glenn Maxwell (AUS) 102 Sri Lanka 51 08 Mar 2015
5 AB de Villiers (SA) 162* West Indies 52 27 Feb 2015
6 Eoin Morgan (ENG) 101 Afghanistan 57 18 Jun 2019
7 Rohit Sharma (IND) 131 Afghanistan 63 11 Oct 2023
8 Kusal Mendis (SL) 122 Pakistan 65 10 Oct 2023
9 Mathew Hayden (AUS) 111 South Africa 66 24 Mar 2007
10 Jim Davison (CAN) 117* West Indies 67 23 Feb 2003
11 Kumar Sangakkara (SL) 117 England 70 01 Mar 2015
12 Paul Stirling (Ire) 101 Netherlands 70 18 Mar 2011
13 Kapil Dev (Ind) 175 Zimbabwe 72 18 Jun 1983
14 Adam Gilchrist (Aus) 149 Sri Lanka 72 28 Apr 2007
15 Kumar Sangakkara (SL) 105 Bangladesh 73 26 Feb 2015
16 Jos Buttler (Eng) 103 Pakistan 75 03 Jun 2019
17 Brendan Taylor (Zim) 121 Ireland 79 07 Mar 2015
18 Mahela Jayawardene (SL) 100 Canada 80 20 Feb 2011
19 Virender Sehwag (Ind) 114 Bermuda 81 19 March 2007

Key Takeaways

  • Glenn Maxwell of Australia scored the fastest century in World Cup history on October 25, 2023.
  • Fast centuries often lead to a team’s victory as it puts immense pressure on the opposition.
  • Multiple fast centuries highlight the impact these players have had on World Cup matches.
  • Fast centuries in knockout matches can change the outcome of the game and propel a team to victory.

1. Glenn Maxwell

Glenn Maxwell’s 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup century in 40 balls was one of the fastest. Maxwell’s quick century impacted Australia’s World Cup campaign. This reversed the game’s momentum and demoralised the Netherlands’ bowlers. His bold strokes showed his strength hitting and technique as he dominated the game.

Maxwell’s century helped Australia beat the Netherlands and set up a large total. In World Cup contests, he was crucial to Australia’s middle order. Maxwell’s ability to score quick runs under pressure makes him valuable to Australia.

Transitioning into the subsequent section about Aiden Markram, let’s now shift our focus to another talented batsman.

2. Aiden Markram

Continuing the discussion about talented batsmen, let’s shift our focus to Aiden Markram, who recently etched his name in the record books with the second-fastest century in ICC ODI World Cup history. Here are some key points to consider regarding Markram’s incredible achievement:

  • Impact of Markram’s century on the match outcome: Markram’s century had a significant impact on the match outcome, as it helped South Africa post a massive total and put immense pressure on the Sri Lankan team.
  • Comparison of Markram’s century with other fast centuries in World Cup history: While Markram’s century is the second-fastest in World Cup history, it falls just behind the record set by AB de Villiers. However, it’s still an outstanding accomplishment and showcases Markram’s ability to score quickly.
  • Markram’s batting technique and power hitting abilities: Markram displayed exceptional batting technique and power hitting abilities during his century. His clean hitting and ability to find the gaps in the field were particularly impressive.
  • Markram’s role in South Africa’s campaign in the World Cup: Markram’s century provided a much-needed boost to South Africa’s campaign in the World Cup. It showcased his ability to perform under pressure and contribute significantly to the team’s success.
  • Markram’s future prospects as a batsman in international cricket: Markram’s century in the World Cup is a testament to his talent and potential as a batsman. It suggests that he’s a bright future ahead and can be a key player for South Africa in the years to come.

3. Kevin O’Brien

Kevin O’Brien scored the fastest century by an associate nation player against England in the 2011 ICC ODI World Cup. He changed Ireland cricket with his 50-ball century. It displayed O’Brien’s power-hitting and revolutionised World Cup perceptions of affiliate nations. His feat indicated that these teams could compete at the highest level and challenge established cricketing nations.

O’Brien’s century is crucial to Ireland’s cricket history. It established Ireland as a cricketing powerhouse and motivated future players. O’Brien’s fast century inspired future cricketers to dream big and grow the sport in Ireland.

The next section on Glenn Maxwell will discuss another player who has scored rapid centuries in World Cups.

4. Glenn Maxwell

Fastest Century In ODI Cricket World Cup History till 2023

Fastest Century In ODI Cricket World Cup History till 2023

The impact of another player’s fast centuries in World Cups – Glenn Maxwell.

  • What makes Glenn Maxwell’s century in the World Cup unique?

Glenn Maxwell’s century in the World Cup is unique because he achieved it in just 51 balls, placing him in the top five fastest centuries in the tournament’s history.

  • How has Glenn Maxwell’s power hitting impacted Australia’s performance in World Cups?

Glenn Maxwell’s power hitting has had a significant impact on Australia’s performance in World Cups. His ability to score quick runs at a high strike rate has provided momentum to the team and demoralized the opposition.

  • Comparing Glenn Maxwell’s fastest century to other middle-order batsmen in World Cup history.

Glenn Maxwell’s fastest century in the World Cup puts him in the company of other middle-order batsmen who’ve showcased their ability to dominate the game. AB de Villiers holds the record with a century in 31 balls, highlighting the exceptional batting talent of these players.

  • The role of Glenn Maxwell in Australia’s success in World Cup tournaments.

Glenn Maxwell has played a crucial role in Australia’s success in World Cup tournaments. His power hitting and aggressive batting approach have contributed to the team’s high-scoring totals and challenging targets for the opposition.

  • Analyzing Glenn Maxwell’s batting approach and technique in scoring fast centuries.

Glenn Maxwell’s batting approach involves a combination of power-hitting and strategic shot selection. He’s the ability to counter-attack and accelerate the run rate in the middle overs, making him a valuable asset for Australia in World Cups. His technique allows him to exploit the fielding restrictions and score quick runs.

5. AB de Villiers

In ‘Fastest Hundred in World Cup History,’ let’s explore AB de Villiers’ record-breaking century.

In the 2015 World Cup encounter against West Indies, de Villiers scored 162 runs off 52 balls. His century was the fifth fastest in World Cup history.

The West Indies were under great strain and the game changed due to this extraordinary achievement. It showed de Villiers’ power-hitting and pressure-handling skills.

De Villiers also holds the World Cup and ODI records for fastest century. He has helped South Africa win World Cups with his rapid runs.

6. Eoin Morgan

Eoin Morgan, the former England captain, displayed his explosive batting skills in the 2019 World Cup, scoring a scintillating century in just 57 balls against Afghanistan. This record-breaking innings solidified his status as a World Cup hero and showcased his ability to dominate the opposition with his power-hitting.

Here are five key points about Morgan’s fastest century in World Cup history:

  • Morgan’s century in 57 balls is the sixth-fastest hundred in World Cup history.
  • His explosive batting helped England set a massive total of 397 runs in that match.
  • Morgan’s innings included 17 sixes, which is the most by any player in a World Cup innings.
  • His century provided a strong foundation for England’s victory, as they won the match by 150 runs.
  • This record-breaking innings further cemented Morgan’s reputation as one of the most destructive batsmen in limited-overs cricket.

7. Heinrich Klaasen

For more on World Cup quick centuries, let’s look at Heinrich Klaasen.

Klaasen’s century in 61 balls against England in the ODI World Cup 2023 changed the game. His heroics under pressure helped South Africa win 229 runs.

Klaasen’s batting approach showed his adaptability as he battled heat, humidity, and cramping. He was crucial to South Africa’s win.

This century has improved Klaasen’s confidence and raised future expectations. Klaasen’s impressive innings makes him a threatening batter and a player to watch in future championships.

8. Rohit Sharma

Moving on to Rohit Sharma, the Indian captain is ranked number eight on the list of fastest centuries in World Cup history.

Rohit Sharma’s batting technique is known for its elegance and power, making him a formidable opening batsman. His fast centuries have had a significant impact on India’s success in World Cups, providing a solid foundation for the team’s innings.

When comparing Rohit Sharma to other opening batsmen in World Cups, his record-breaking performances stand out. With seven centuries in World Cups, Rohit Sharma holds the record for the most centuries in the tournament. His ability to consistently score fast runs has played a crucial role in India’s success.

9. Kusal Mendis

Kusal Mendis scored a fantastic century in 65 balls against Pakistan in the ODI World Cup 2023.

Mendis’ century helped Sri Lanka win. His aggressive batting style let him score runs early and pressure the opposition.

Mendis’ innings is among the fastest and most effective among quick century scorers. His century showed his ability to dominate and shift momentum.

Sri Lanka won because Mendis’ fast runs demoralised Pakistani bowlers and laid the stage for a large score.

Mendis’ batting skills and propensity to achieve rapid centuries make him a great asset to the Sri Lankan team.

10. Matthew Hayden

Matthew Hayden scored the 10th fastest World Cup century. Hayden’s rapid century changed the 2007 World Cup match against South Africa. His aggressive batting and intelligent shot selection helped Australia set a difficult target.

Comparing Hayden’s rapid century to others in World Cup history showed his power-hitting and dominance. He scored a World Cup top-10 fastest century in 66 balls.

Hayden’s quick century helped Australia win the 2007 World Cup. It gave the team momentum and a solid basis.

Hayden’s quick century boosted his power-hitting reputation. It established him as one of the world’s most destructive batsman and secured his cricketing legacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Holds the Record for the Fastest Century in World Cup History?

Glenn Maxwell holds the record for the fastest century in World Cup history. Scoring it off just 40 balls, his achievement showcases the impact of fast centuries and the significance of scoring in limited overs cricket.

How Many Fast Centuries Has Glenn Maxwell Scored in World Cups?

Glenn Maxwell has scored one fast century in World Cups. His explosive batting has had a significant impact on Australia’s success in the tournament. Maxwell’s batting records in limited-overs cricket are impressive.

Has Aiden Markram Ever Scored a Fast Century in World Cups?

No, Aiden Markram has not scored a fast century in World Cups. However, there have been several players who have achieved this feat, including AB de Villiers, Chris Gayle, and Glenn Maxwell.

Who Holds the Record for the Fastest Century in a World Cup Knockout Match?

The fastest century in a World Cup knockout match is held by Adam Gilchrist, scored in just 72 balls. This remarkable feat had a significant impact on his team’s overall performance and changed the outcome of the game.

How Many Fast Centuries Has AB De Villiers Scored in World Cups?

AB de Villiers holds the record for the fastest centuries in World Cups. He has scored multiple fast centuries, showcasing his batting prowess and setting new batting milestones.


So there you have it, the top 10 fastest hundreds in World Cup history.

These incredible performances haven’t only entertained fans but also had a significant impact on the outcome of the matches.

From Glenn Maxwell to Matthew Hayden, these batsmen have showcased their power-hitting abilities and put immense pressure on the opposition.

It’s truly remarkable to see how quickly these players can change the momentum of a game.

Who’ll be the next record-breaker in World Cup history?

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