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How Can Pakisthan Qualify for Semifinals in WorldCup 2023



You’re glued to Pakistan’s World Cup trip. Three losses in a row seem to be threatening their semi-final ambitions. Inconsistent play has put the team in danger.

Don’t despair yet. Pakistan faces formidable opponents like South Africa, Bangladesh, New Zealand, and England. They’re determined to prove themselves and reach the semi-finals in crunch time.

Important Takeaways

Pakistan sits sixth in the points table due to their uneven performance.

Pakistan faces tough teams like South Africa, New Zealand, and England in the World Cup 2023.

– Pakistan may not have enough points to qualify for the semifinals even if they win all their remaining matches.

Pakistan’s qualifying will depend on net run rate and other teams’ performance, especially Australia and Sri Lanka.

Pakistan’s Status and Performance



You’re sixth in the points table, and three straight losses have hurt Pakistan’s World Cup semi-final ambitions. Pakistan has won against Netherlands and Sri Lanka but lost to India, Australia, and Afghanistan.

They are trailing Sri Lanka, who won over England, after these losses. Pakistan needs their key players to perform to turn things around. Babar Azam, Mohammad Amir, and Shoaib Malik must excel to win.

To advance to the semi-finals, Pakistan must win their remaining matches against South Africa, Bangladesh, New Zealand, and England.

How can Pakistan still qualify for World Cup 2023 semi-finals?

Pakistan has four matches left in the league stage to turn things around, but even if the Babar-led squad wins all four, 12 points won’t be enough to advance to the semi-finals. Pakistan will depend on the remaining nine teams’ league stage results.

Remaining World Cup 2023 Schedule for Pakistan

Pakistan must play South Africa, Bangladesh, New Zealand, and England to reach the World Cup semi-finals. These games will determine their tournament fate.

To visualise, here are Pakistan’s important players for the remaining matches:

– Babar Azam: Pakistan’s batting anchor will provide steadiness and runs.

Shaheen Afridi: The young left-arm bowler has taken wickets and controlled runs well.

Mohammad Rizwan: The wicketkeeper-batsman has been resilient and consistent in the campaign.

Pakistan needs these ways to recover:

To improve batting performance, the top order must give a solid foundation and the middle order must contribute more.

Tight bowling and fielding: Pakistan’s bowlers must be disciplined and their fielders sharp.

Mental resilience: The squad must stay calm and grab important moments.

Chances of Pakistan Making Semifinals

Pakistan’s hopes of reaching the World Cup semi-finals are still alive despite their uneven performance and difficult job.

Pakistan needs to win all their remaining matches to reach the semi-finals due to their poor points table position. Even if they win all their matches, they’ll qualify based on other teams’ performance and net run rate.

Pakistan has a lower net run rate than Sri Lanka and greater than Afghanistan. Pakistan must win convincingly and improve their net run rate to reach the semi-finals.

They’ll also hope Australia loses a match so net run rate can be considered.


Though complicated, Pakistan can still reach the semi-finals if they can flip their luck around.


Pakistan’s Qualification Factors

Pakistan’s World Cup semi-final qualification depends on numerous circumstances.

Net run rate is critical to qualification.

Pakistan’s net run rate is -0.400, lower than Sri Lanka’s (-0.205) and higher than Afghanistan’s (-0.969). For better qualification, they must enhance their net run rate.

Additionally, other teams’ performance matters.

Pakistan wants Australia to lose one of their remaining matches. Pakistan will benefit from net run rate if Australia struggles.

Team fate depends on their own and other teams’ performance.


With uneven performance and a tough schedule, Pakistan’s chances of reaching the World Cup semi-finals may be minimal.

Don’t dismiss them yet. The team’s fate hinges on their performance and other league teams’.

So, while the journey may be challenging, Pakistan still has a chance to turn things around and establish their cricket skills.


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