IND vs WI 5th T20I 2023 Highlights




The 5th T20I between India and West Indies that was held on August 13, 2023, at Lauderhill, Florida marked a memorable match. As the final tie-breaker of the series, both teams grappled fiercely but it was West Indies who won by eight wickets, clinching the series 3-2.

Overview of the IND vs WI 5th T20I match

India batting first put up a target of 166 runs with Suryakumar Yadav, scoring a significant 61(45). However, West Indies chased down the score successfully with excellent performances by Brandon King and Nicholas Pooran. King solidified his position by contributing an unbeaten knock of 85*(55) proving instrumental in West Indies’ victory.

King and Pooran stitched together a partnership of 107 runs that swiped the game away from India. Even after Pooran got out for 47(35), caught by Tilak Varma (who marked this as his maiden international wicket), King pushed forward and sealed the victory for West Indies.

Importance of the match for both teams

IND vs WI 5th T20I 2023 Highlights

IND vs WI 5th T20I 2023 Highlights

The final match held great importance for both teams. For India, it was about declaring complete dominance in all formats after their good show in Tests and ODIs. For West Indies, it was about bouncing back after the disappointment in the initial matches.

The win set an important milestone for West Indies as their first bilateral series victory against India in any format in a series comprising a minimum of three matches since their 4-1 ODI series win in 2006. Meanwhile, for India, this loss marked their first bilateral series defeat in men’s T20Is in two years.

This match will certainly remain etched in history as an explosive exhibition of T20 cricket with twists and turns that left fans on edge till its final moments.

India’s Innings Highlights

The past few cricket tournaments have been nothing short of exhilarating, with India’s intense play lending to many memorable moments on the pitch. While it was a team effort, particular mention goes to Suryakumar Yadav and Tilak Varma whose performances stood out in the innings.

Suryakumar Yadav’s half-century

Suryakumar Yadav‘s contribution has been priceless. His splendid half-century played an instrumental role in giving India a much-needed boost during their clash in the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022. Yadav’s batting prowess, where he portrayed a mixture of both power and precision, was indeed a sight to behold throughout the tournament.

Tilak Varma’s contribution

The young and talented Tilak Varma didn’t lag behind either. In his maiden international game, with conditions not being ideal for batting, he held his nerve and managed to score a rapid-fire 39 off just 22 balls. Tilak’s fearless attack against veteran bowlers laced with textbook shots got the aficionados talking.

Key moments and highlights of India’s batting

One highlight that truly sent fans into a frenzy was when Yadav saved the day by stabilizing India’s tottering innings with his brilliant half-century against South Africa. But it wasn’t just about Yadav or Varma; the real delight came in watching how each player contributed to the strength of the team’s innings. Be it Kohli and Rahul scoring half-centuries against Bangladesh or Varma making a mark in his maiden game, these were some remarkable and nerve-wracking moments that showcased India’s vigour on the field.

In summary, the Indian cricket team has shown us yet again that grit and resilience are part of its brand through its recent performances. It’s each player banking on their unique strengths, yet synergizing their abilities for an overall team victory. By upping their game every time they set foot onto the pitch, they continue to be an emblem of strong competition worldwide.

West Indies’ Innings Highlights

On the biggest stage of cricket, the West Indies famed for their aggressive style of play, proved their mettle yet again. Key contributions from the strike force lineup made all the difference, presenting some unforgettable batting highlights.

Brandon King’s Match-Winning Knock

Leading the charge was Brandon King, whose masterful knock turned the tide in West Indies’ favor. His 85 not out from 55 balls was a masterstroke filled with well-executed shots that kept audiences on edge. King’s ability to find gaps, convert singles into double and hit clean balls out of the park truly highlighted his class.

Nicholas Pooran’s Performance

Following suit, Nicholas Pooran added much-needed impetus to the innings. His solid contribution of 47 runs from 35 deliveries helped maintain a steady run rate. Pooran displayed a blend of defensive and offensive cricketing strokes, ensuring the scoreboard kept ticking without losing too many wickets.

Impactful Moments and Highlights of West Indies’ Batting

The highlight reel of West Indies’ innings was undoubtedly the vital second-wicket partnership between King and Pooran. Their combined effort of 107 runs not only provided stability but also set up a platform for an imposing total that put pressure on India’s bowling attack.

Other impactful moments included elegantly executed boundaries and some mammoth sixes that truly embodied the dominant Caribbean style of play. These moments were pivotal in maintaining their stride towards victory while simultaneously dealing a psychological blow to their opponents.

In hindsight, these key contributions acted as stepping stones to West Indies’ triumph against India in this electrifying encounter. It’s safe to say that this innings will be etched in the memories of cricket enthusiasts for quite some time to come.

Bowling Performances

In the all-important fifth T20I between India and West Indies, there were significant bowling performances worth highlighting.

Arshdeep Singh’s early breakthroughs

Arshdeep Singh’s performance was really commendable. His early breakthrough staged a great start to the Indian bowing lineup. The instinctive aggression echoed in his attack, claiming decisive wickets, leaving the Windies struggling at the beginning of their chase.

Singh’s potent deliveries proved difficult for the top order of the Windies batting line-up to handle. His ability to maintain a relentless line and length against heavy hitters exhibited a promising future ahead for this young talent.

Tilak Varma’s maiden international wicket

The match witnessed the memorable occasion of Tilak Varma claiming his maiden international wicket, scalping Nicholas Pooran, who had been a steady ship for the West Indies throughout the innings. His consistent approach and strategic game planning paid off as he managed to break a crucial stand, bringing relief to the Indian side.

Varma showcased his skills and potential, proving that he could be a worthy asset for team India in its upcoming assignments in crucial situations.

Yuzvendra Chahal’s bowling impact

In contrast to previous performances, Yuzvendra Chahal’s bowling impact fell short of expectations in this crucial tie. He conceded over 50 runs, becoming the most expensive bowler of the match. This was surprising given his extensive experience and capability to perform under pressure.

Despite his lack of form in the 5th T20I againts West Indies, Chahal remains an important spin weapon for India. Maintaining trust in his abilities will be key for India’s future pursuits.

Indeed, regardless of the outcome, it was heartening to see India’s young talent stepping up their game in demanding circumstances. As it builds on these experiences, team India looks forward to a promising future filled with potential match-winners.

DLS Equation and Rain Interruptions

The 5th T20I of IND vs WI, 2023 held at Lauderhill, Florida was rendered nail-biting due to the intrusions of rain. The continuous downpours affected the continuity of the match, and it was thus, crucial to keep up with the Duckworth-Lewis-Stern (DLS) method, used to calculate scores in such rain-affected matches.

Explanation of the DLS equation

The DLS equation helps in determining fair targets for the team batting second based on how much play was possible and considering what resources like overs and wickets are left.

Branded as a hero of the game, Brandon King’s explosive 55-ball 85 helped West Indies crush India by eight wickets and win the series 3-2. Despite the interruptions, the DLS equation didn’t significantly tilt the results or strips down the performances.

Impact of rain interruptions on the match

The longest pause came in at the 13th over as the rain halted play. However, instead of dampening spirits, these unexpected breaks only built up suspense and kept viewers on edge.

Chasing a target revised by DLS, West Indies held their ground firmly, led by an exceptional partnership between Brandon King and Nicholas Pooran, accounting for 107 crucial runs for the second wicket.

Even after several stoppages due to rain, West Indies pursued their adjusted target with resilience. The interruptions due to rain made this vibrant match all the more dramatic, turning overs into precious commodities for both teams.

Overall, while rain interruptions did influence the rhythm of play, they allowed us to see teams’ strategic prowess and how they managed under shifting circumstances. And ultimately West Indies emerged victoriously with Brandon King starring in this thrilling saga.

Key Turning Points

IND vs WI 5th T20I 2023 Highlights

The India vs West Indies 2023 5th T20I was replete with electrifying moments that kept the spectators on the edge of their seats. Perhaps the most paramount moment of the entire match was Brandon King’s explosive 85 runs off just 55 balls, which was undoubtedly the defining factor in West Indies’ victory.

Another game-changer came in the form of Nicholas Pooran and King’s partnership, scoring a rapid 107 off just 70 balls after an early jolt by Arshdeep Singh. Their combined effort stripped India of their momentum, allowing the West Indies to dominate the field.

Crucial moments that shifted the momentum

West Indies were in a precarious position at 64/2, chasing a target of 166. However, Pooran and King’s partnership turned the tide in their favor. Meanwhile, on the Indian side, Suryakumar Yadav’s classic knock of 61 runs from 45 balls injected life into India’s innings after a jittery start.

However, his dismissal by Jason Holder tilted the game back in West Indies’ favour, creating a moment of significant momentum shift. Despite Tilak Varma’s gritty innings and maiden international wicket, it was not enough for Team India.

Impact of decisions made by captains and players

Rovman Powell’s decision to field first after winning the toss paid off as they successfully chased down a competitive score. Hardik Pandya’s gamble to introduce part-timers like Yashasvi Jaiswal and Tilak Varma to bowl did create some pressure but ultimately could not prevent Windies victory.

On an individual level, Brandon King’s decision to play an aggressive knock in a high-pressure game led his team to victory. His outstanding performance illustrated how personal decisions on-field can have a colossal impact on match outcomes – marking him as the hero of the series clincher.


In the exhilarating 5th T20I showdown between India and West Indies in 2023, the Caribbean team emerged victorious, effectively breaking India’s streak of remaining unbeaten in 12 T20I series.

Summary of the match outcome

West Indies won the clash by 8 wickets, successfully chasing the target set by India. Brandon King was the hero of the day with an explosive 85* off just 55 balls. King, teamed up with Nicholas Pooran (47 off 35), gave a fierce battle to India, taking away the game with a match-winning second-wicket partnership.

On India’s end, Suryakumar Yadav was a ray of hope with his scoring spree of 61(45) leading India to a total score of 165/9. However, it fell short in front of the thrilling performance by West Indies and failed to safeguard their unbeaten streak.

Reflection on the series result and its significance

This victory holds paramount importance for West Indies as it marks their first series win over India since 2017. The final match sealed the fate of the series at 3-2 in favor of West Indies, reinstating their prowess in the shortest format of cricket.

India’s loss underscores the fact that even strong teams can falter under pressure. Although disappointing for Team India and its fans worldwide, this defeat might act as an impetus in their journey towards continual improvement.

West Indies’ win resonates as a reminder that fortunes can swing quickly in T20 cricket and that past records don’t dictate future outcomes. As cricket enthusiasts, this match leaves us with a lesson – in sports, there are no sure winners, making cricket’s unpredictability its only predictability.

Player of the Match

When it comes to the world of cricket, there’s nothing more thrilling than witnessing a closely contested match than identifying who the standout performer or the Player of the Match was. Let us take you back to the zenith of T20I cricket innovation that unfolded during the India vs West Indies 5th T20I held in August 2023.

The clash ensued, and fans were on the edge of their seats, witnessing a power struggle between India’s best and West Indies’ finest talents. The showdown was eventful, with stunning match-play from both teams, but one player surpassed all expectations in this classic duel.

Recognition of the standout performer of the match

Brandon King’s Display of Dominance: But despite multiple commendable performances from both sides, one individual’s bat bore the force of a King — Brandon King. Delivering an explosive 55-ball 85 run journey, Brandon masterfully steered West Indies to a comprehensive victory. Cementing their stand against India, Brandon coordinated with Nicholas Pooran, building a significant partnership for the second wicket.

Suryakumar’s Valiant Effort: In contrast, from the Indian camp, we saw an excellent display from India’s number three batsman Suryakumar Yadav who scored 61(45), even as newcomer Varma gave an applaud-worthy performance. Yet, these attempts fell short when faced with WI’s fierce bowling attack led by Jason Holder.

It was indeed a battle where dominance shifted continually on either side during different segments of each inning. However, with remarkable batting prowess and robust cricketing acumen, Brandon King was rightly deemed Player of the Match.

His contribution played an instrumental role in leading West Indies to a resounding eight-wicket triumph over India in Florida. The series concluded with West Indies emerging victorious 3-2.

To sum it up impressively, Brandon King and his tour de force batting spectacle will be etched in cricket history as a symbol of indomitable spirit and skill honed to perfection.

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