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Who Is The Fastest Bowler in World?



Imagine witnessing an unprecedented feat of speed and accuracy in the world of cricket. Imagine the anticipation and exhilaration that develops as the ball approaches the batter with unfathomable speed. The fastest ball ever bowled stands apart from all others in the annals of cricket history. This captivating article takes you on an exhilarating journey as it explores the moment when speed records were broken and cricket was eternally altered.

All-time Fastest Deliveries in Cricket History

Bowler Fastest Delivery Country Against Year
Shoaib Akhtar 161.3 km/hr (100.2 mph) Pakistan England 2003
Shaun Tait 161.1 km/hr (100.1 mph) Australia England 2010
Brett Lee 161.1 km/hr (100.1 mph) Australia New Zealand 2005
Jeffrey Thomson 160.6 km/hr (99.8 mph) Australia West Indies 1975
Mitchell Starc 160.4 km/hr (99.7 mph) Australia New Zealand 2015
Andy Roberts 159.5 km/hr (99.1 mph) West Indies Australia 1975
Fidel Edwards 157.7 km/hr (97.9 mph) West Indies South Africa 2003
Mitchell Johnson 156.8 km/hr (97.4 mph) Australia England 2013
Mohd. Sami 156.4 km/hr (97.1 mph) Pakistan Zimbabwe 2003
Shane Bond 156.4 km/hr (97.1 mph) New Zealand India 2003

The Fastest Ball Ever Bowled in Cricket

Overview of the Fastest Ball in Cricket History

Cricket is a popular sport that people all over the world love. It is known for its exciting moments and amazing shows of skill. The speed with which the ball is thrown is something that always gets people’s attention. Over the years, bowlers have sent that little red ball flying towards the batter at incredible speeds. In this piece, we’ll learn more about the fastest ball ever thrown in cricket and look at how it has changed the game.

Criteria for Measuring the Speed of a Cricket Ball

To get a good idea of how fast a cricket ball is thrown, a few things need to be true. The International Cricket Council (ICC) has made rules about how to measure the speed of the ball. According to these rules, the ball must be thrown by a fast bowler, and its speed must be recorded as it passes the batter. A radar gun, which is also called a speed gun, is used to figure out how fast the ball is going in miles per hour or kilometers per hour. This makes sure that the speed of the ball can be measured in a normal and scientific way.

Shoaib Akhtar

Fastest Bowler in World

Fastest Bowler in World

You might have heard of Shoaib Akhtar, a former Pakistani cricketer often referred to as “The Rawalpindi Express.” His fast-paced bowling and intimidating approach on the field made him one to watch during his career. Now, if you are curious about how fast he really was, sit tight as we look into his legendary career and his record-breaking bowling speed.

The Rawalpindi Express

His moniker, “The Rawalpindi Express,” came about thanks to his electrifying performances and supersonic speed on the cricket pitch. He was born in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, and hence the express part reflects his astounding pace. All cricket enthusiasts would agree that when he was in his zone, it was a sight to behold!

Shoaib Akhtar’s Career Highlights

Shoaib had an illustrious international career that spanned around 14 years from 1997 to 2011. He played a crucial role in many of Pakistan’s memorable cricket victories. Moreover, he has an impressive tally of 178 Test wickets and 247 One Day International wickets to his name. His ability to bowl very fast consistently was a treat for the cricketing world.

But beyond the stats, it was his fear-inducing pace and raw intensity that made The Rawalpindi Express an unforgettable character in cricket history. What truly set him apart, though, was his unrivalled ability to deliver the fastest ball.

Shoaib Akhtar’s Record-Breaking Bowling Speed

On a fateful day in 2003 during the World Cup match against England, Shoaib left spectators and players alike astounded by delivering what is officially listed as the fastest delivery of any bowler in cricket history: an astonishing speed of 161.3 km/h (100.23 mph). Yes, you heard it right!

It’s practically unheard of for bowlers to cross the mythical 100 mph barrier in international cricket – but then again, there are not many bowlers like Shoaib Akhtar. He bowled this absolute belter of a delivery to unsurprised England’s Nick Knight.

This remarkable achievement remains unbeaten after nearly two decades, making Shoaib Akhtar’s place in cricket history as solid as the balls he used to send hurtling down the pitch with record-breaking speed.

In conclusion (watching cricket becomes even more exciting when you know the stories and records behind it). Despite hanging up his boots for almost a decade now, Shoaib Akhtar continues to capture your imagination with his zestful bowling and the legacy he left behind as ‘The Rawalpindi Express.’ So next time you pick up your bat remember Shoaib’s ‘never back down’ spirit.

Shaun Tait

Get your helmet and pads ready! When the talk is about speed in cricket, the name Shaun Tait invariably pops up, a noteworthy character who sent ripples across the cricketing community with his exceptional quickness.

The Fastest Bowler in Cricket History

Sit back and think about this for a moment. Imagine a red leather ball, whooping and sizzling through the air at breakneck speed, way past the 100 miles per hour mark! That, my friend, is a little taste of what it was like to face an over from the Australian Express Shaun Tait. At his peak, Tait was one of the fastest bowlers in cricket history, leaving batsmen quaking in their boots.

Shaun Tait’s Career Overview

Tait began his international career in 2005, and over a span of six years, he had left an indelible mark on the game. His delivery style, consistently aimed at a ferocious pace rather than control or consistency, was awe-inspiring yet fear-inducing for many opposition batsmen. Although his career saw numerous injuries and early retirement from test matches, Tait’s impact on limited-overs cricket remained unmatched.

World Cups were where Tait shone the brightest. He played a vital role in Australia’s 2007 World Cup victory, taking 23 wickets – only Lasith Malinga took more. His lightning-fast deliveries not only decimated opposition line-ups but also left spectators and critics mesmerised.

Shaun Tait’s Fastest Recorded Ball Speed

As you continue relishing these tales of high-speed cricketing thrillers, you might want to brace yourself for the highlight. On 22nd July 2010, during a match against England at Lord’s, Shaun Tait hurled what was later revealed as the one of the fastest balls in recorded cricket history.

Tait unleashed a vicious beast – a delivery that clocked in at an incredible 100.1 miles per hour (161.1 kilometers per hour), just shy of Shoaib Akhtar’s world record of 100.23 miles per hour (161.3 kilometers per hour). This phenomenal feat puts Tait in a very exclusive group of bowlers who’ve touched or surpassed that elusive 100 mph mark.

While no longer gracing international pitches with his fiery run-ups and eye-wateringly fast deliveries, Shaun ‘The Wild Thing’ Tait has certainly left his footprint on cricketing history – illustrating beautifully how thunderous pace can both thrill and terrify in equal measure!

Brett Lee

As a cricket enthusiast, you must surely have heard of Brett Lee and his ferocious deliveries. Otherwise known as “Binga,” Lee earned his fame for being one of the fastest bowlers in cricket history.

One of the Fastest Australian Bowlers

Your memories of Brett Lee might include his ruthlessly fast deliveries, intimidating long run-up, and deadly bouncers. But did you know that Binga also holds the record for being one of the fastest bowlers Australia ever produced? His bowling speed was so immense that batsmen would often fail to react to his deliveries in time, causing them countless agonies.

Brett Lee’s Notable Achievements

Over the years, Brett Lee’s cricketing prowess earned him a prominent place among the greats. Imagine Lee running down the pitch with a fire in his eyes, ready to launch the ball towards an unsuspecting batsman. That intensity earned him an impressive 310 wickets in test matches and 380 in one day internationals during his career. Alongside this, Brett Lee’s consistent performances led him to become the first player in T20 cricket to take a hat-trick.

Brett Lee’s Fastest Bowling Speed

You may still be wondering just how fast Binga could bowl. Hold your breath because Brett holds an astonishing record of delivering one of the fastest recorded bowling speeds! A ball he bowled during an international match against New Zealand back in 2005 clocked a jaw-dropping speed of 161.1 kilometers per hour (approximately 100.18 miles per hour). The explosive speed stunned not only the batsman but also fans around the world who marvelled at his incredible pace.

So next time you have a conversation about cricket’s fastest bowlers or someone asks about fiery deliveries that shattered stumps and scared batsmen, remember to mention Brett Lee. His memories will always be etched in the heart of cricket history with his sheer pace and exciting gameplay.

From firing down those lightning-quick yorkers to celebrating every dismissal with utmost excitement, Binga rightly deserves applause for inspiring us all with lightning speed and relentless passion for cricket we see today.

Jeff Thomson

From the pavilion comes Jeff Thomson, Australia’s most thrilling and feared fast bowler from the 1970s. You probably remember him as the man who terrorized batsmen with his bowling speed! With his iconic slinging action and adverse bouncers, this Aussie quick caught everyone’s attention.

The Fastest Australian Bowler from the 1970s

Known as “Tommo” in the cricketing world, he ripped through batting line-ups with his intimidating deliveries. His bowling style demonstrated raw pace, becoming a standard against which all other fast bowlers compared themselves. Think about his sheer speed, roaring down the pitch; it was like a predator stalking its prey!

Jeff Thomson’s Impact on Cricket

Thomson’s impact on cricket is one for the history books. He remodeled cricket’s fast-bowling paradigm, making him a crowd-puller wherever he played. Let’s not forget how he added an element of thrill to the game! His fear-inducing bowling paved the way for many future speedsters. Generations of fast bowlers have been inspired by his unplayable deliveries and elbow-wrenching action.

Jeff Thomson’s Record-Breaking Ball Speed

If you’re wondering about his record-breaking ball speed, brace yourself – his fastest recorded delivery was clocked at a staggering 160.6 kmph! This bowling speed set ripples across the cricketing world during a match in 1975, taking everyone by surprise. To give you some perspective on this phenomenal speed, imagine a car zooming past you at 100 miles per hour. Yes! That’s how fast it was!

This record remained unbeaten for more than two decades until Pakistan’s Rawalpindi Express, Shoaib Akhtar surpassed it with a delivery of 161.4 kmph in 2002.

However, despite other bowlers surpassing Thomson’s record, his aura remains intact in cricket folklore. Today, as you celebrate every rocketed delivery from pacers worldwide, remember to tip your hat to “Tommo,” Australia’s boy from Queensland who changed cricket history forever by uncaging strokes of high velocity genius.

Keep in mind that a baller doesn’t need to maintain record speeds consistently to be effective; variation in pace can be equally devastating when combined with accuracy. So next time you’re watching a match and see a bowler wreak havoc with their crafty variations and lethal pace, remember that they’re walking in the footprints left by legends like Jeff Thomson!###

Mitchell Starc

Let’s take a look at one of the dominant figures in international cricket – Mitchell Starc. This charming left-arm fast bowler from Australia is certainly worth paying attention to. The moment he gets that cricket ball in his hand, there’s an electrifying energy on the field that’s undeniable.

The Current Fast Bowling Star

You can’t deny that Mitchell Starc stands out. From glowing match victories to earning titles, this dynamo has quite the impressive record. Out of the many accolishing in his career, one achievement often talked about is Starc’s possession of one of the fastest deliveries in cricket history.

Being at the forefront of fast bowling not only makes him a formidable player, but also an exciting one to watch and cheer for. His ability to harness his strength, speed, and skill in every match definitely makes him a star of fast bowling.

Mitchell Starc’s Career Accomplishments

Over the years, you’ve seen Starc clinch many victories for Australia. Whether it’s mesmerizing spectators with his ferocious swings or making a record delivery speed, he never disappoints. In fact, Starc was a key player in Australia’s victorious 2015 World Cup campaign, where he led the scoreboards as the tournament’s leading wicket-taker.

That’s not all though. His knack for constantly delivering line-and-length at high speeds has earned him a revered spot within international cricket circles. Think about this; its not just about the wickets taken, but how these wickets were taken that truly exemplify Starc’s abilities.

Mitchell Starc’s Fastest Recorded Delivery

Alright, let’s get into specifics now! You’re probably wondering just how fast has Starc bowled? Well, hold your breath because you’re in for quite a treat.

It was on November 15th in 2015 during a test match against New Zealand, that Mitchell Starc took everyone by surprise. He delivered a thunderous ball clocking a mind-blowing 160.4 km/h (99.66 mph). Yes, you read that correctly! The pure essence of speed wrapped up in a cricket ball has never looked so thrilling than when seen from Mitchell Starc.

From an exhilarating start to setting new records with every play; his journey is anything but ordinary. Not only does he own one of cricket history’s fastest balls, but also proves time and time again just how essential he is to his team.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to cricket or an old fan; once you see Mitchell Starc run up to bowl with his unique whirlwind persona, you just can’t keep your eyes off him. He makes bowling fast look pretty good!


You’ve been journeying through the annals of cricket history, exploring the thrilling feats of speed, precision, and unparalleled athleticism. You might have come across legends such as Brett Lee, Shaun Tait, Jeff Thomson, or Shoaib Akhtar; bowlers who turned pitching into an art form of speed.

Comparison of the Fastest Bowlers in Cricket History

Diving deeper into this topic, you might want to put these cricket heroes side by side to grasp a fuller understanding. Shoaib Akhtar holds the record for the fastest delivery ever bowled in cricket history. This “Rawalpindi Express” stunned the crowd when he bowled at 161.3 km/h (100.23 mph) against England in 2003 World Cup.

Not to be outdone, Australia’s Brett Lee and Shaun Tait both bowled their way into the history books with balls over 160 km/h during their respective careers. Lee’s fastest ball, clocked at 161.1 km/h, while Tait reached a speed of 161.1 km/h as well in an ODI match against England in 2010.

Despite these astonishing figures, do not forget that cricket is much more than just speed and power. It’s about intelligence, precision, and tactics as well. The fastest deliveries create moments of awe in matches but it is consistency and accuracy that guide teams to victory.

Fastest Balls in Indian T20 League

In the history of the Indian Twenty20 League, Shaun Tait possesses the record for the fastest delivery, which he achieved in 2011 at a speed of 157.7 kilometers per hour.Lockie Ferguson’s delivery, which was clocked at 154.1 kilometers per hour, was the quickest of the Indian T20 League 2023.Umran Malik is the quickest bowler from India, and he is tied for fifth place in the league’s top five fastest bowlers alongside Anrich Nortje from South Africa.

Bowler Fastest Ball Bowled (km/hr)  Season
Shaun Tait 157.7 2011
Lockie Ferguson 157.3 2022
Umran Malik 157 2022
Anrich Nortje 156.2 2022
Umran Malik 156 2022

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

As you explore further into cricket’s rich history and world records, you will inevitably come across key questions that most fans tend to ask:

Who holds the record for the fastest ball? Is Shoaib Akhtar’s title-contenders uncontested? Is there any current player who could challenge these records?

And yes, they are correct — Shoaib Aktar, affectionately known as Rawalpindi Express, does hold the record for bowling the fastest delivery in cricket at 100.23 mph or 161.3 km/h during the 2003 World Cup against England. His title however may not be completely uncontested as future generations of cricketers push themselves to break new barriers.

Currently emerging fast bowlers like Kagiso Rabada or Jofra Archer may very well challenge this record. Who knows? Cricket’s future stars could one day eclipse these jaw-dropping speeds. Just remember that while speed makes for exciting viewing, it’s not the only thing that counts in cricket – strategy and skill also have crucial roles to play.

Your exploration of cricket’s fastest balls is a journey into understanding not just speed but also evolution of skill and relentless pursuit of excellence within this beloved sport.

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